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The Christian Doppler-Laboratory for model based calibration methodologies is part of the Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics, more precisely the Division of Control and Process Automation at the Vienna University of Technology.

The Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG) is named after the Austrian physicist and mathematician, Christian Andreas Doppler. He is primarily renowned for his discovery known as the "Doppler Effect". The universality of the "Doppler Effect" applies to a wide spectrum of uses in natural sciences and technology.

The non-profit association aims at promoting development in the areas of natural sciences, technology and economy as well as for their economic implementation and utilisation. It enables talented scientists in renowned research centres to achieve high-quality research and knowledge transfer in line with the demands and to the advantage of the CDG member companies.

AVL, or Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen List, is an Austrian-based automotive consulting firm as well as an independent research institute. It is the largest privately owned company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines (ICEs) as well as instrumentation and test systems and also produces electric powertrains.